Recently, Binance published a detailed research study of how they have played the cost movements of Bitcoin, compared to the variation worldwide of actions. From the start of 2020 has spoken of a growing correlation between the two, but in this opportunity, Binance gives the information.

Specifically, this research study compared the development of particular indicators of the stock market traditional with the efficiency of BTC.

Before the rise of Bitcoin, the stock exchange had been the platform of choice for the individuals who wished to grow their portfolios of assets. So, understandably, when Bitcoin became a replacement on the rapid increase with a possible and a volatility equivalent, the discussion focused on the cryptocurrencies.

What is certain is that the controversy of yes Bitcoin is what is assured in 2009 or not, continues. This describes the premise that in the face of a global economic crisis, Bitcoin would act as an active guard practically 100% sure.

The contrast between Bitcoin and shares in the NASDAQ 100 and the S&P 500

In this evaluation performed by Binance, we compared the efficiency of Bitcoin with the NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500.

The S&P 500 is an index that reflects the stock performance of the 500 biggest u.s. companies. For its part, the NASDAQ 100 is an index that tracks the top 100 u.s. companies.

There comment that if somebody had invested$ 1,000 at the beginning of 2020 at this time would be worth US$ 1.660, while on NASDAQ it would deserve US$ 1.265 and$ 1.029 when it comes to S&P 500. Of course, rates fluctuate from day to day, but this is only one of many cases that show the competitiveness of Bitcoin as a property.

This contrast did not stay here. The study of Binance also comments on the comparison of a few of the actions of “first-level” with Bitcoin and 2 other cryptocurrencies popular: Ethereum (ETH) and BNB.

General comparison of the yearly development of investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as some of the actions of the first category. Source: Binance

One of the main conclusions of Binance after making this table is that only in the year 2020, cryptocurrencies can come in person with some of the very best actions of the first-line market. All in the middle of a context as difficult as the one we are presently dealing with the pandemic for the COVID-19.

Benefits of choosing to wager for BTC according to Binance

After this basic comparison, Binance argues that buying cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is more available whereas, in order to access them or even need to purchase them in the market. In this part remark on the possibility of getting BTC by mining in a group such as that in the Binance Swimming pool. On the other hand, the only method you can get additional actions in a company is whether they will initiate a stock split in their holdings.

However, this is not the only voice that recommends investing in Bitcoin these days. Just Recently, Mike Novogratz and Dave Portnoy did something similar. In your case, the contrast you made was with the gold.

Just recently, with the increase in the price of Bitcoin can be that these price quotes are better than approximates the exchange and financiers such as those currently pointed out.

These financiers have chosen to test the theory that says that portfolios that contain Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies generally outperform portfolios without cryptocurrencies. Up to now, he does not appear to repent of his position.