The Hash Rate of Bitcoin has reached new highs. The upcoming difficulty change will most likely boost by practically 10%. These data provide details about the activity in the network, however are not always an indication of future rate modifications.

The present Hash-Rate and the upcoming adaptation of the trouble reveal the General strength of the Bitcoin network.

The Hash Rate of Bitcoin has reached 129 million, TH/s, a new all-time high. The previous ATH was on 28. July of this year, at just under 127 million TH/s.

After the last halving, on 11. May the Hash Rate dropped considerably and fell to simply over 90 million TH/s. The Rate has, however, quickly, as the Miner entered back into the grid.

By having the benefit for Mining a single block of 12.5 BTC fell to 6.25 BTC. With the decline in the Hash Rate dropped, since the Miner, which used outdated equipment, were forced to offer stored Bitcoins, and to stop operation.

Bitcoin hash rate graph of

These dramatic shifts in the Hash Rate are not unexpected. Mining is a pricey company, and therefore the decisions of the Miner can have enduring monetary effects.

If the cost of Bitcoin increases, the benefit for the elimination of a single block.

The increase in Hash Rate has triggered an increase in mining difficulty. The problem is the intricacy of the formula that should be resolved in the next Block down.

Bitcoin miners protect the network

If the rate of Bitcoin rises, the Miner for the financial risks to the network to reduce. With increasing Mining activity, nevertheless, need to tick the built-in Difficulty changes on the network, undoubtedly, upwards.

The upcoming problem change is approximated to be nearly 10%. In the adjustment of the network, difficulties have there been in the last few months, considerable shifts, with the largest boost considering that January of 2018 occurred last June.

These data, nevertheless, provide little information for the prediction of future modifications in the market. Hash Rate and difficulty can show what buyers are ready to spend for BTC.

These figures reflect, however, that the Miner is working actively on the network. And this is good news, since the increasing activity in the network reveals an increase in approval, which could likewise result in future rate growth.