Looking for the very best present? Instead of gifting physical possessions or perhaps sending out a $100 bill to a bank card, transfer a cryptocurrency by contact number without commissions

It is a short series of community stories with Den, « Presents that pay off.» In January 2019, he sent Ethereum to his sibling, who might earn by holding crypto on his account.

As interest in cryptocurrency has increased, it is starting to appear on more «desire lists this year, a minimum of judging by its discussions on social networks.

The concept of gifting cryptocurrency to loved ones sounds attractive. What’s more, the present makes for quite a conversation at every friendly event. You do not need to buy a complete bitcoin to participate in the craze; you can purchase any cryptocurrency amount above €& euro; 2 in the Crypterium App.

Let’s return to the story of Den, where he tells us quickly how whatever began …

« In January 2019, I decided to present Ethereum tokens to my bro. The price was around $100, in the series of $80– $150. I sent him 3 ETH, as, at that time, the property’s cost was at a low level.

I transferred crypto simply by phone number. He received an SMS with the quantity of credited cryptocurrency, even without having an account in the Crypterium Wallet at that time»

Just recently, as bitcoin crossed $50,000, he remembered about it. He quickly downloaded the Crypterium App, looked at the balance, and was surprised to see $5700 for simply 3 ETH. Without hesitation, he chose to squander his revenue. He opened a virtual Crypterium Visa Card and sent his present directly to the checking account in just seconds.»
Who does not want something that is increasing in value as a present?

Such a sweet story can take place to anybody, and we still have time to please our loving individuals. Firstly, such a gift will stick out from the rest, and secondly, it is a long-lasting investment. The founder of crypto-financial investment company Galaxy Digital, Michael Novogratz, believes that bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the end of 2021.

It will absolutely be remembered for a long time. Your friends or family members will probably receive cryptocurrency for the very first time on a birthday or special date. So this is an excellent gift for those who « already have whatever.»

Determine the worth of the present on your own. Bitcoin is divisible, and it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars. You can provide a beautiful amount of bitcoins with the birthday date sign: 0.1992, 0.01986, and so on, depending upon your budget.

Crypterium application offers you the most convenient and most stunning method to present any cryptocurrency. You can use the application to send someone a digital possession simply by phone number, even if he does not have a digital wallet.