Binance Smart Chain might be the new kid in the block, however, it has managed to exceed in a reasonably short period of time. The blockchain network processed a whopping 12.9 million deals on the 28th of July.

This basically suggests the BSC processed 150 transactions per 2nd [TPS] on the mainnet, not in isolated environment tests or white paper. Upon closer evaluation, it was found that the transactions in question were not “light” such as BNB or BEP20 transfers. In fact, according to Binance, these are heavy deals since many users were “battling” each other in the “Play and Make.”

According to the crypto exchange, the series of heavy transfers was activated by GameFi decentralized app from MVBII which drove the overall gas used on Binance Smart Chain to over 2.05 million on the 28th of July. On the contrary, BEP20 transaction that typically cost around 50k gas, which can assist in 41 million transactions, and stand for 470 deals per second.

As a result, the overwhelming volume induced network congestion that for nearly 4 hours, and numerous low spec or old variation nodes could not pull alongside with processing obstructs in time.

Developers from Binance, dApp task groups as well as facilities task teams, have all joined hands to improve the capacity of BSC and will aim to enhance the EVM, peer-to-peer [P2P] networking, and storage systems. According to the platform, the upcoming enhancement will not just assist the BSC neighborhood however also feedback to all EVM-related blockchains, including Ethereum.

While exposing that the gas ceiling limit will be raised eventually, Binance kept in mind,

“Although we climbed up a new peak, there are greater ones ahead. As increasingly more users are utilizing BSC, a bigger throughput is needed and our company believes that BSC has the potential to accomplish this.”

More Versions of Binance Smart Chain to come

Regardless of this minor problem, it is needless to say that BSC has been taking Ethereum’s thunder. The network deals with even more deals than the latter, thanks to low transaction times and fees. Nevertheless, Julian Tan, Service Advancement & & Ecosystem Development at Binance Smart Chain believes in matching instead of completing. In a recent interview, the officer was estimated stating,

“We think that there will be a lot more versions of BSC to come and obviously the more recent versions will aim to fix any barriers on top of the blockchain. In the coming years, every decentralized app will be supported, incorporated into every other blockchain.”